24 Jul 2007

The Housing Green Paper: an idiot's guide

If you are anything like me, you will feel no excitement at all at the prospect of having to read yet another government initiative on housing. You sort of know what’s going to be in them and the prospect of wading through 130-odd pages of badly written, self-congratulatory twaddle is enough to make any grown man groan. I’m no different.

However, thanks to the miracle of pdf, I have done a numbered word search, which will enable you to weigh the import given to various key words, from which you can deduce everything you need to know about this document. Here follows the number of times each of these words or phrases appear in the document:

Planning 288
Affordable 235
Sustainable 161
Mortgage 124
Design 121
Supply 108
Green 89
Rural 72
Social Housing 58
Demand 52
Eco-town 51
Flooding 40
Brownfield 35
Zero carbon 28
Shared Ownership 27
Children 22
First time buyers 18
House Prices 17
Barker 16
Regional Spatial Strategies 14
Key worker 9
Section 106 6
Delivery Vehicles (and they are not talking about vans) 5
Green Belt 4
Lifetime Homes 4
Crime 3
Buy to Let 2
Self build 1
Gardens 1
Immigration 0
Fire 0
Sound 0
Neighbours 0
Detached 0

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