28 Jan 2008

Window costs

I have been compiling a survey on window buying and have managed for the first time to produce the essential cost information as a graphic. I hope to be using this technique a whole lot more in the future. I'd be interested to know if it's both legible and comprehensible.


  1. I think it's a good graphic, and reflects what I found when we bought a couple of aluminium-framed units last summer.

    In my opinion, it would look better if you rotated it through 90 degree - most of the text you'd want to read is vertical in the current version.

  2. nick devlinApril 30, 2009


    For whats its worth, I have just gone through the quotation process for our self builds with Rationel, Inwido, Green Building Store etc and the results are surprising. There seems to be some great deals on triple glazing at the moment, seemingly to do with all those systems manufactured in Poland. Would you be interested in the quotes and schedule etc?

  3. That would be great, Nick. I'll contact you by email.