30 Jan 2008

On Thermaskirt

Guys, guys, guys. It is a really interesting product you've come up with here. But why the legs? Yes, I know it catches a man's eye, but it also sends a reverse subliminal message. A what? It says to me that you'll be hoping that I'll be so bowled over by the girl's legs that I won't notice the wool being pulled over my eyes. I appreciate skirting heating may not be the easiest sale in the world, but do you have to resort to the world of Loaded and Nuts. Maybe it's my age, but I find this sort of advertising a real turn off.


  1. Think that's tacky? Take a look at recent copies of Professional Builder magazine to see the flacid inches of dribbling publicity being given to the soft p*rn Gripfill Girls (www.gripfill.net). But hey, it's just a bit of harmless fun. And the readers love it! Oh, except for those builders with intelligence, basic human respect and empathy, and a sense of pride in the skills and professionalism of the building industry. They now boycott Gripfill products. We do our best to tell our daughters that the construction industry is changing; there are good jobs out there for bright girls and their skills will be respected on site. Fat chance, thanks to moronic marketing and magazine publishers who have lost their critical faculties and any sense of what's going on in the outside world.

  2. I'd quite forgotten about Professional Builder. I must get out more.