25 Jan 2008

Caroline Flint, the new Housing Minister

So it’s farewell and good luck to Yvette Cooper and hello and good luck to Caroline Flint (pictured) who has just been appointed as her replacement as Housing Minister. I’ve laid into Yvette a few times in this blog over the past few months, as the minister is the embodiment of the government’s misguided housing policy, but she did at least know her onions, even if she was restricted as to what she could say or do. But now we have a new minister who knows nothing about what has been going on in this field and will presumably take months to get up to speed. And all because Peter Hain tripped up over his campaign donations. I know this is pure cliché, but it does seem like a strange way to run a government

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  1. You know, if more ministers looked like Amy Winehouse, it might not improve the quality of government but at least it'd make for more interesting photo opportunities. :)