14 Apr 2008

Unmissable inventions

How did we ever live without it? Throw out your old toilet brushes and fit the revolutionary HydroBrush. What is it? Essentially a water-powered toilet brush. A flexible nozzle that showers water into your toilet bowl for cleaning purposes, complete with a cartridge that contains cleaner, disinfectant, limescale remover, colour and perfume.

Even more amazing, the makers claim that HydroBrush actually saves you water. How can this be? Here’s what the makers claim: “every time HydroBrush is used instead of a conventional toilet brush, the potential water saving per use is about 7litres.”

They go on: “With HydroBrush an average household will save 1500 litres of water per year – improving your carbon footprint.”

Sorry guys, I am not convinced!

1 comment:

  1. HI Mark what would it take to convince you that the Hydro Brush can improve our carbon footprint by water saving? We Can provide you with the information if that would help?.

    Anne Tennant
    Hydro Brush