18 Oct 2006

Channel 4 Beckons

I get contacted on occasion by TV producers wanting me to source chaos and disaster on the nation’s building sites. Sometimes I can’t be arsed to do anything about it but, if the idea sounds like a good one, I’ll do what I can to summon interest. This idea sounds like a good one.

Trouble with your Building Job? — Work not quite going to plan? — Do you need help managing the project?

Channel 4 TV is currently producing a primetime series about domestic building jobs that have gone off the rails. We are looking at cases where a stalemate has arisen between builder and homeowner and both parties feel they’ve reached a deadlock. Our aim is to put the project back on track with the help of a leading building industry mediator – free of charge. The series will address the common pit-falls that arise and promote good building practice.

Are you an unhappy builder who just wants to get the job done or a desperate client locked in a stand-off whilst living on a building site? If so we’d like to hear from you:

Please contact Dan Marshall on: 0207 907 0894 or email dan@bettytv.co.uk All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

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