1 Oct 2007

The joy of selfbuilding the simple way

Every now and then it’s good to forget all the angst we suffer about sustainability and the like and instead celebrate someone who has just done a selfbuild with the object, pure and simple, of building a nice house very cheaply.

Last week, I got to interview Caron Pain in her newly finished Norfolk home which she has put together for a song (around £500/m2). She started digging foundations in January 2006, she had moved by May. MMC? No chance, too expensive, just good old brick and block and lots of local tradesmen. Project management software? You’re kidding — an A4 pad of paper and a mobile phone – nothing more. She hunted down bargains on eBay (the door knobs in the picture cost £6 a pair), she milked B&Q everytime they had a 20% off day (the door itself was a £10 special), and she appears to have loved every minute of it. Brilliant stuff – a selfbuild heroine if ever.

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  1. Good morning Mark,

    I'm about to embark on my own self build project (by embark, i mean come to final agreement with planners so things can 'eventually' start moving!) however i'm exceptionally interested in Ms Pain's project - she seems to have pretty much met the goal i have - which is to build a good-sized family home at a 'reasonable cost' without too much stress. Are you able to provide any more details or pass on my email address to Ms Pain if she feels that she may have the time to pass on any advice applicable ?

    many thnaks