9 Jan 2006

Dave Cameron, you're having a larf

Picked up an interesting snippet from this week’s Building magazine. New Tory leader David Cameron is to have an environmental makeover on his Victorian terraced house in Notting Hill, London.

The house is to be fitted with a wind turbine, low-carbon heating and lighting and extra insulation. There is an architect involved, Alex Michaelis, and he also plans to also fit low-e glass into the windows and install an energy-efficient air circulation system, not to mention photovoltaic cells on the roof. Or so it all says in this brief article.

The cost? Wait for it. £10k. That’s got to be a misprint. That lot would set you back £30k at least, maybe much more. £10k would probably pay for the architect.

I know that David Cameron is currently enjoying an easy ride from the media but if he can get that lot done for £10k he should be running for Pope, not prime minister.

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