8 Feb 2008

How Tesco hoovers up inflation

Which? has just published a report on vacuum cleaners. Interesting to see that they don’t rate uprights or bagless. In fact their best four buys are all made by Miele, including a nifty one called the Cat and Dog TT5000 which is specifically designed for pet hairs. They don’t much like Dysons and they dismiss that old builder’s favourite, the Henry.

But what’s just as interesting is the prices these cleaners come in at. Most of them cost between £150 and £200. Anything badged Dyson sells for more than £200 and often more than £300. Of the 83 they test, there are a dozen or so that sell for under £100.

What they don’t test is the one I saw (and bought) in Tesco the other day (pictured here). The Tesco VC406 costs just £30. In the interests of research (honest) I have just had a go with it. Not the smoothest suck you will ever come across but, at £30, who’s counting. How do they do that?


  1. by putting the price of food up

    anyone else notice how tescos has gone really expensive now

  2. It is not just Tesco that has seen an increase in food prices, all food retailers have. Why is the British mentality to have a go at whoever is on top? Get real

  3. £30 for a vacuum cleaner?

    It would almost certainly been made in Indian (slave labour), parts from Taiwan, then how does it get the CE mark??

    At this price, even if it lasts for a 6 Months you would still be happy.

    Supermarkets tell the suppliers how much they want to buy it for nowadays as they have so much market share/power (milk is the perfect example recently, ask the farmers).

  4. re Tesco's on top

    pretty well known now that you have 3 tiers of supermarket shopping

    Asda/Morrisons = cheapest

    Tesco/sainsburys = middle band (yes sainsburys is as cheap as Tesco's)

    Marks/waitrose = expensive

    yes all food retailers have increased prices....Tesco's more than others

  5. Almost certainly made in China. And when it breaks (soon), you'll find that there will be no stockholding of spares available. Will you recycle the materials it's made from? And what about the embedded energy of manufacture?