13 Jun 2008

Old TV aerials: £10 to take away

Just had a wideband TV aerial fitted on my roof, so that I am now digitally compliant, ready for 2011 or whenever it is that the date is set. It cost the princely sum of £170 which made me think “that’s easy money” as it only took the two blokes about 20 minutes to do the job. What made my eyes water even more was when they were finished they asked me if I would like them to take the old aerial away. Because if they did, they would add a further £10 to their invoice “because it’s classed as industrial waste.”

“No thanks” I said, “I’ll be happy to take it down the tip next time I’m going there.” I wondered for a moment what hazards might be found in old aerials, and have even been as far as Googling for known aerial toxins, without success so far. Is this some new legilslative requirement or is it just some wheeze by the aerial company to squeeze a bit more money out of the customer?


  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2008

    I think they are taking it for money?

    With the price for scrap metal at the moment, you can only imagine what money they get when taking a pallet of 100 aerials to the scrap yard?

    Cannot see any other reason as like you say, aerials will be of no use to homes in a few Years time.


  2. In which case, why weren't they offering me money to take it away?

  3. AnonymousJune 13, 2008

    They did offer, to a cost of £10.00 on your invoice?

    They said that it was classed as "industrial waste" which is a nice term of putting it.

    Lead is being stolen from church and house roofs, exhaust pipes from cat. converted cars, even rolls of cables from electricity companies just for the copper part of the cable.

    Just a thought.

  4. AnonymousJune 17, 2008

    Two sides to this one.

    YES the price of scrap is pritty high at the moment. But they won't get anything for just one ariel! they would need to take a large quantity. It is likely that they won't have a space, time or inclanation to do that.

    If, as a business, you take anything to a local dump, you will get charged for dumping it!

    If you take it to a crap metal yard, you will need to 'weigh in' a quantity of something to get any money, and due to the bulky, but lightweight nature of TV ariels, it is not likely to be worth while!

    At £170, sky might have been a better bet! Get a 12 month contract for about £10 a month, then after that, cancel the contract (you can keep the box and dish) and get a freeview card (cheep or free depending) for no monthly charge and freeview!

  5. AnonymousJune 18, 2008

    There is a better still SKY deal out there?

    Call into any supermarket or retailers and you can purchase sky at £75.

    You basically get a code inside the box to which you call SKY to arrange free installation, free dish and free digital box.

    You have 4 Months free (usually £19.00) package to get you started (knowledge, entertainment package etc) then have the option of opting out (must call them before four Months from when connected) which you would then have all the freeview channels.

    If you don't opt out you get charged £19.00 a Month as normal.

    No contracts to adhere to.

    Terms and conditions apply lol!

    Purchased this for my parents as they were starting to get worried about all the media mentioning the digital switchover.


  6. Which wideband TV aeriel did you have fitted ?

    Also do you have a photo of the fixings ?

  7. Why did you need a wideband aerial for digital? That's relatively unusual. Go to , insert your post code and house number, check the box and find out whter you really needed wideband aerial. Most transmitters have their multiplexes grouped to enable you to use a smaller, more efficient, usually cheaper, grouped aerial.