5 May 2007

Kaldeweis are for kissing

Funny what turns up in the post of a morn. I’ve managed to get myself on the mailing list of a magazine called KBB Space, which is all about upmarket Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, hence the KBB. Flicking through it over my porridge, I came across this ad, which made me laugh, because the two images and the linking text are just off the wall. I know Kaldewei baths are good but this good?

As an aside, I knew almost nothing about Kaldewei as a company but wasn’t surprised to learn from their website that they are yet another family owned German outfit. They started in enamelling in 1918 and moved onto baths in 1928. They remain very specialised, just doing baths, shower trays and a bit of water heating equipment. How very different from the Anglo-Saxon business models.

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