2 Aug 2011

Cantor on Air Source Heat Pumps

John Cantor has a deserved reputation as a knowledgeable and independent commentator on all things heat pump. And here he has distilled much of what he knows on the vexed issue of air-source heat pumps. Anyone thinking of installing such a beast would do well to read through John's thoughts beforehand.

He looks at why so many people end up being disappointed by their heat pumps, and what they might have done to ensure that the installation had worked better for them. He analyses the Energy Savings Trust survey last year which showed generally poor results for ASHPs, and undertakes some comparisons with Germany and Switzerland where heat pumps are more widely used and apparently give better results. And he looks at the implications of the widespread adoption of heat pumps to UK energy policy - can the Grid cope?

All in all, a really useful contribution to the debate, and a very practical guide as well.


  1. The article about air source heat pumps is good, but in-depth analysis about its performance will do good...

  2. HI the link is broken do you know the correct one?

  3. ASHP's are getting better, many manufacturers offer high temp versions and have updated many parts to improve in colder weather or by using using different materials for fans have made them quieter.