9 Apr 2007

CDM: an afterthought

Like many bloggers, I am in the habit of pointing people to Wikipedia if they want more background information on the topic I happen to be blathering about. As some wag recently pointed out, if you can’t trust the good old internet, who can you believe nowadays?

So I thought I could further elucidate readers on the intricacies of the CDM regs by pointing them towards the relevant page. But Wikipedia has no entry for the CDM regs. Type CDM regulations in the search field and it leads you to a disambiguation page (no, I don’t know what that means either). It suggests the following

CDM may stand for:
• Celebrity Deathmatch
• Clean Development Mechanism, a Kyoto Protocol mechanism to assist industrialized countries reducing their greenhouse gas emissions
• Cold dark matter, a scientific theory
• Ceramic discharge metal halide lamp, a light source
• Cinematic Death Mambo, a genre of music
• Code-division multiplexing
• Council of Diaspora Métis, an international non-governmental organization representing Métis People outside of Canada
• Compact Disc Maxi single
• Common Diagnostic Model
• Consumer Demand Management
• Cisco Content Distribution Manager
• Conceptual data model
• CDM (racing team), Formula 3000 racing team competed in 1989
• Course Description Metadata, an XML data format for educational data (program and course descriptions)
• Cross-Differentiate-Multiply, a demodulator

In fact anything but Construction Design and Management Regulations. To be fair, it does acknowledge that they exists but nobody has bothered to put finger to keyboard to explain just what they might be. As Wikipedia is written by enthusiasts on subjects dear to their hearts, this tells us something. CDM is even more boring than I imagined.

Further afterthought. I wonder just how much money the Health & Safety Executive have blown in disseminating information about the new improved CDM regs? Wikipedia is one medium that millions of people refer to and they haven’t had the wit to use it, despite the fact that it’s free. That tells us something else, doesn’t it?

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