3 Oct 2013

Is the Green Deal doomed?

Seemingly, the answer is yes. The government is only lukewarm in its support, which doesn't help. But let's also admit that retrofit is difficult and expensive. And without knowing what is going to happen to fuel prices in the future, we have no way of knowing whether it's really worth doing. I am not surprised by the low uptake.

How's that for a short blog post! Barely longer than a tweet.

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  1. Mark

    Regrettably Yes.

    As you know my company supports energy saving measures, our windows were the very first to get EST recommended, and the first 5 BFRC WER certificates were ours. During my time as a GGF director, I pushed for windows to be included in the Green Deal as they have been overlooked all too often on earlier initiatives.

    But the GD was a mess from the start, ministers were told about the issues, but they ploughed ahead saying "our advisers will consultant widely all aspects and make recommendations", only they took no notice, very few of the recommendations or warnings were acted upon.

    Result, chaos, apathy, and missed opportunity to conserve heat lost from existing homes (which still make up the vast majority).

    Alan Burgess
    Masterframe sash windows