3 Mar 2011

Thoughts on Ecobuild 2011

I have been going to Ecobuild religiously for five years now (since before it was even called Ecobuild), and have been blogging about it in 2007, 2008, 2009 but not 2010 despite definitely being there. At least I think I was. It does all rather go in a blur.

Why go at all? Well, it proves you are still alive and well for one thing, though you have to be quite fit to survive what feels like an ordeal. This year Ecobuild moved to the Excel Centre for the first time and it took over the entire length of both the north and south halls. Though there were masses of people I know attending the event, it's now so big that it was possible to wander around almost invisible at times, as I only really know about 0.01% of the construction business in this country and the other 99.9% could just as well be commuters on the tube. Except of course the Excel Centre isn't on the tube and the delightful DLR isn't really big enough to cope with a massive exhibition like this. So getting there isn't much fun and, in truth, being there isn't that much fun either.

So I go largely for the crack. A chance to hob nob with like-minded souls and a chance to meet a few new ones, which I did. I heard some interesting tales:
• some horror stories about solar cowboys and their high pressure sales tactics (thanks Geoff)
• some insights into the world of MVHR in Ireland (it works - thanks David)
• some good news for people wanting wood burning stoves in airtight houses (check out Schiedel Chimney's Swiftair system)
• That the world of low energy lighting is now split 50:50 between LEDs and CFs. LEDs seem to be replacing halogen.
• that there are apparently more prisoners than farmers in the USA.

But EcoBuild 2012? Let's see...


  1. Yes I missed it this year as Excel Centre is just such a pain to get to from out of London. Thanks for the tip on the ventilating chimney!

  2. Has the extra space at Excel restored the excellent seminar programme to an enjoyable, easy-access experience (I understand they had become an over-subscribed queuing nightmare)?

  3. I think, their efforts to create and provide efficient utilities is really helpful!

  4. JaclynThorburnMarch 08, 2011

    @fostertom re: the seminar programme - in a word, no - there was no extra space anyway! The seminar programme was not easy at all; didn't run to time, long queues, really hot or really cold seminar rooms, speakers didn't turn up, and each speaker only had 20 minutes, so there was no real depth. As for having four speakers in a room, and peole dipping in and out, I thought that was a bad idea too. I missed a total of 6 seminars I wanted to attend over 2 days.
    Mark, I agree with you re: the DLR too. Will you being doing a 6th year at Ecobuild?!?