28 Sept 2010

Ed Miliband's Reckless Adventure

Ed Miliband has featured on this blog before, when I questioned his integrity as Minister for Climate Change during the Copenhagen summit in December 2009. It struck me at the time that he was a disingenuous chancer, and subsequent events seem to have born this out.

He's grabbed the main prize, the Labour Party Leadership, by selling out to the unions, stabbing his brother in the back in the process. Now I can't look at him without thinking he's a poisonous shit, and I wouldn't trust him to run the tombola at my village fete. Instead of electing a new leader, the Labour Party stage managed a public humiliation of epic proportions, and I suspect the ramifications will reverberate for a long time to come.


  1. ... but Jonathan Porritt thought he was quite good and he's actually met him ... urk! which pundit should I believe?

    (Sorry - I'm being silly. Although I do find it best to try not to have personal opinions about politicians as it's a bit of a waste of energy - makes me feel bad and doesn't acutally *do* about them. Not always possible to not have this sort of reaction though. And of course if *everyone* reduced their output of opinions then the whole internet would collapse!)

  2. Like all the millipedes and his cronies he is a waste of space. All they ever do is promise change after years are failure and ever increasing taxes. Who would ever trust a politician.

    Mark, would like to see some discussion on the new offshore wind farm. Please make that your next topic.

  3. Have to say I don't regard his brother any more favourably, I think there was a judge at an enquiry or something didn't believe a word he said. Labour have put themselves in a hole and could be unelectable for quite a few years. It's great to read a blog from someone who calls it how they see it rather than some kind of lukewarm wait and see approach.

  4. What didn't you like about him at DECC? That is my only experience of the man (and seeing him on video with Franny Armstrong). He struck me then as a man who genuninly cared about climate change and Co2 emmisions and was trying hard to get something done, with some reasonable successes (clean energy cashback, RHI and FITs) tempered by abject failure at copenhagen, but I really didn't feel that was for lack of trying. Have I just been taken in by a shiny politician?

  5. Wookey,

    It was really that interview with Simon Mayo, referred to in my earlier piece, that made me think that here is a bloke that THINKS he gets it, but really doesn't. I don't know whether he's responsible for the RHI (it wouldn't surprise me), but if ever there was a dog's dinner of a policy initiative, that's it.

    I have no doubt that he "feels passionately" about climate change. Lots of people do. But very few of them mange to "think coherently" about it as well.