14 Oct 2009

Why building plots are hard to find

This is cool. Although I no longer share Audacity’s build at all costs line of thinking, and I seem to have dropped off Ian Abley’s Xmas card list, I like the way they have put this together, and I love the way it shows up just how silly the planning system has become. It proves that if you give a bureaucracy enough rope, it will eventually strangle itself, whilst merely drowning the rest of us under the weight of good intentions.

1 comment:

  1. How impressive! A concise testimony to the British Planning system, which for all its frustrations and bureaucracy is a miracle, that is now under threat of dismemberment. Believe me, if not for 62-plus years of Planning, Britain would be wall-to-wall sporadic development. 'Empty' countryside would be unknown. There's plenty plenty of land and opportunity within extg built-up areas. Lots of terrible urban environment crying out for re-stitching, if not demolition. Every sustainability study says that urban density and compactness should go up and the last thing should be car-bound countryside encroachment. Honestly Mark, say this data presentation is fascinating and valuable, but don't give the self-interested 'conclusion' any credence.