2 Mar 2009

On English Heritage

Thanks to Old Bollocks to alerting me to some scams going down at English Heritage, as exposed in yesterday’s Sunday Times.

It’s not an area I write about much, but I’ve long felt that the whole conservation scene is verging on the edge of being one big scam. This article is important because it takes the battle to English Heritage in a way that’s not happened before, basically accusing them of abusing their powers. I suspect that the author in question, Richard Girling, is opening up a Pandora’s box.

My one continuing beef about English Heritage and the whole conservation lobby is the sheer size of it. There are, according to the article, 350,000 listed buildings in the England. In my book, that’s about 300,000 too many.


  1. Oh my God, whats next, Environment Agency branded storm water attentuation products? grrr...

  2. Shouldn't we be listing every building so that we are forced to reuse them rather than build new ones? I'm joking, of course, but I am aware that we probably need fewer buildings than we imagine.


  3. What happened to my comment where I say it's 350,000 too many?

  4. I deleted it in error. I was hoovering up spam and I deleted the wrong one. Easy mistake to make when you are as clumsy as me. Do you think there should be no conservation controls at all?