9 Mar 2008

Planning Alerts.com

Want to know what’s cooking, planning-wise, in your street? Visit Planning Alerts.com, key in your email address and the postcode you are interested in and you will receive email notification of any new applications in your neighbourhood. It’s in beta and not all local councils are yet included but it’s a good idea, and it's free. Alerted to this by Geoff Jones.


  1. www.iTriggers.co.uk have a slightly different take on this data. They're building a UK wide database of planning applications and they've made it searchable.

    Previously Glenigans and Barbour ABI have made sure access to this sales lead data is restricted to the larger construction firms who can afford they're services, iTriggers.co.uk have now made the data accessible to any construction firm in the UK, even the smallest builders can afford to pick up hot sales leads.

    A welcome boost to the UK construction industry in difficult times.

  2. we are currently looking at using Glenigan or Barbour ABI, would anyone recommend either of them?