2 Aug 2007

Jeff Howell shows EPCs are useless

I have argued that Energy Performance Certificates will not be quite the powerful tool for the good that Yvette Cooper et al are hoping for. Now Jeff Howell, who writes for the Daily Telegraph, has gone one better and shown just how useless they are by having two surveys carried out on his refurbished house in Suffolk, and analysing the results.

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  1. Good old Jeff Howell "the reporter".

    This was a property built in 1850 and has had a number of improvements, but the reporter went out of his way not to give the energy assessor the information required when he so easily could of (makes for an excellent column in the newspaper is quess).

    I have read the story from the Assessor's versions of events, and it goes to show what reporters and critics have put into newspapers to get people to read it.

    Although a lot of people are against home information packs, I feel Energy Performance Certificates are good for the consumer. Even though a lot of us are in the building industry, a lot of people selling their homes are not, and not every person lives in a property built pre-1900.

    The energy performance certificate is ideal to compare the dwellings performance when comparing properties that have similar size and price tag, but have different energy and Environmental impact ratings.

    Like Andrew Gillingan's "Britain's Bad Housing" TV programme aired last Week, there is always two sides to a story, but only one is shown (thus tarring everbody with the same brush).

    This unfortunately happens no matter what industry you are in.